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Healthy Body-Mind = Healthy Relationships = Healthy Communities

As I heal, my community heals.

Welcome! I'm Nicole, an intuitive, energetic healer who works with all ages, abilities and genders. I collaborate with clients in individualized bodywork and energy work sessions with the goal of facilitating a greater sense of ease and wholeness for the whole person. Offerings include: Shiatsu, Therapeutic and Deep-Relaxation Massage and Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral therapy-based energy work and Flower Essence Consultations.  More information on services provided here: http://wildcrocus-hbt.com/what-we-do/ *I use she/her pronouns

Some reasons people work with me:

- physical pain and tension

- stress and anxiety

- as somatic support for trauma recovery process

- emotional imbalance

- social justice minded Euro-Americans interested in exploring/deconstructing the way whiteness and "white-body supremacy" show up in their bodies

to read more about the services I offer, click HERE

"Nicole is that rare practitioner who brings both skill and a deeply cultivated presence to her work. She works systematically, but also allows her intuition and the feedback that she receives during a session to guide her work. As a result, each session feels tailor-made to my needs. After working with Nicole I feel listened to, rejuvenated, and grounded."  -Lucia C. St. Paul, MN

"Niky is an intuitive healer and lover of life. She listens deeply to others and is very gentle and powerful in holding space for those in need. We need more healers like Niky who can shift and opens up conversations around healing and collective libration." Xiaolu W.

"As a dad with two young baby boys, my lower back, shoulders and neck take a lot of strain. Niky's healing, massage and health advice has helped my body feel open and strong for all the lifting and playing on the floor I do during the day. I don't know what I'd do without her!" Brian J. Minneapolis, MN

"Niky's calm and welcoming presence puts you right at ease. She truly cares about your wellbeing and has extensive knowledge to share with you. She has a confident, soothing technique to her practice. Highly recommend!"  Anne A. Minneapolis, MN

"Niky is a born healer. She emanates calm and creates a strong container built from grace and kindness. In her space, I am able to relax and open up to her healing." Molly V.A. Minneapolis, MN

"Niky brings a remarkable combination of warmth, gentleness, clarity, high level training, strong intuition, great touch, a unique capacity to sense the inner beauties of whomever she is treating."  Kaia S. Minneapolis, MN



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