Shiatsu Bodywork and MAssage

With the client fully clothed, I incorporate Shiatsu pressure techniques with the energetic techniques of Craniosacral Therapy and/or Reiki according to symptoms present and your particular needs and wishes. I often treat acupressure meridians and points.  Shiatsu works on many layers of the body leaving you feeling relaxed, revived and "fed." One client's response: "Shiatsu feels so complete! Often after a massage I want just a little more, not so with Shiatsu." Visit FAQ page for more info on each modality.

Therapeutic/structural massage is good for discomfort caused from chronic postural patterns, injuries and nagging pains. I study the orthopedic techniques of James Waslowski locally under Cullen Connolly and have completed a 30-hour training with Erik Dalton in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. Both approaches address the neurological patterns created and perpetuated by chronic postural stress and/or injury. My approach is intuitive and clinical. Listening deeply, I work with subtle energy patterns as well as what's presenting in the tissues.  I work primarily with the fascial system - this approach differs from the traditional deep tissue. Specializing in postural patterns, pain relief, release of emotional and physical tension, and mind-body connection.

Working through Whiteness

This 3-session package is for social-justice minded folks of European descent who want to explore the ways that whiteness and white-body supremacy* are held in their bodies.  These sessions will likely include more talking and breathwork in addition to hands-on bodywork.  There may be homework, and resources for further work will be provided. 

*as laid out in My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem,MSW, LICSW, S.E.P.

Intuitive energetics and Flower essences

In an initial session, we will look at past and present experiences and their current impact on your state of being. Flower essences work on the more subtle layers of our being, impacting our physical body and spirit via the psycho-emotional realm. Working with what is arising we may use breathing techniques or movement along with words.

Ritual and Ceremony

Support creating ritual for life events, healing, letting go, opening towards... there is a reason ritual has been used since ancient times.  There is power in intention, power in our deeper knowing. Today's society does not typically support these practices of intention, elemental wisdom and ritual.  I will listen to what you are working with, letting go, creating and/or honoring. Together we will create a ritual that best suits you and your situation. *Pricing for this is not set - I gratefully accept whatever donation you feel suitable.


Other Services

Reiki energy healing

Cupping - great for local and meridian stagnation.

Moxibustion -  Warming and drying technique using the beloved herb mugwort.

Guided Visualization - upon request, a guided or silent visualization prior to your session or in closing.  Aids is grounding, centering, and integrating the healing work. ,


Prices vary by the amount of time, not modality, giving you, the client, and I the flexibility to incorporate whichever modalities will suit your needs best.  Bodywork is incredibly healing and should be accessible to all. I offer an income- and situation-based sliding scale.  Paying what you are able allows me to offer discounted healing work to those who require it.  Thank-you for your consideration; I look forward to working with you!

30 minutes .............  $ 40

60 minutes .............  $ 75

75 minutes ............   $ 85

90 minutes .............  $ 100

120 minutes ...........  $ 130

Flower essences .......  $7/ each

Initial consultation for an Intuitive Energetics session is 75 - 90 mins for adults.  Follow-up visits will take between 15 (refill) – 60 mins (remedy adjustment). Initial visits for children may be shorter.   

*Prices include tax

**Tips or no tips?? Tips are never expected. Any heart-felt generosity is appreciated and goes toward supporting my sliding-scale option.  Thank-you

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Photo by Nicole Marie: Bloodroot