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I have a varied background that weaves together spirituality, the healing arts, community organizing, youth work, the arts and connection to Earth. A truth that has only become more apparent for me is that the most radical (and hardest!) work we do in the world is the work with ourselves. Radical self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-love…self-healing.

The work I do is guided by my training and understanding of Mind-Body connection, the impact of the central nervous system on our experience of our bodies, improving structural alignment via opening the myo-fascial network, and the interplay of our energetic, organ-based systems with our physical and emotional well-being as laid out by the meridians and acupressure points of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Inspiring this healing vocation is an ever-evolving understanding of the dynamic intersection of personal and collective healing. "We live in a constant dialectic with our environment: As I heal, my relationships heal. As my relationships heal, my community heals."  I am dedicated to healthy relationship through cultural wellness and personal growth via a spiritual path of Truth.

I am holistically-minded: I believe a person is their own best healer. Injuries, stress, traumas and personal and societal circumstances can cause our bodies and beings to temporarily "forget" patterns of health and ease.  Bodywork therapies and plant medicine can remind us! I work with all abilities, ages and genders. Not-so-secret ingredient: Love <3

- Nicole Marie


Completed the Advanced Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. January 2019 (Completed Professional Level, January 2017)

30-hour Myoskeletal Therapy Certification Training (“Pinched Nerves, Strained Tendons, and Reflex Spasms”), Erik Dalton. November 2018

On-going apprenticeship in Orthopedic Massage, Cullen Connolly. January 2018 - present

Diploma in Shiatsu (>950 hours) from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School and Clinic in 2016, with additional training in Cupping, Moxibustion, Auricular Therapy.  Special training for clients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, impairments and disabilities, PTSD/trauma, and in pregnancy. 

ASDIC (Anti-Racism Study and Dialogue Circles) Metamorphosis circle participant 2015, completed the facilitator training in 2016: https://www.asdicircle.org/

Over 350 hours herbal and flower essence study (uses, dosage and preparation) with Lise Wolff, Julia Graves, Martin Bulgerin.

DONA-approved Birth Doula training, Marla Lukes, 2010

Reiki, Levels I and II under Rev. Loren McGrail (Usui tradition). Further study in Reiki, Energetics and Earth Healing with David Nelson.

In-depth spiritual study, meditation, inquiry, personal and cultural wellness work with Cara Carlson and Kara Vangen in the Tradition of the Sacred Feminine through The Tree and the Well, Institute for Deep Cultural Studies - since 2009.

Spiritual study and personal depth-inquiry as a student of the Diamond Approach, Ridhwan School, since 2011.

Various herbal uses and preparations, energetic massage techniques, basic reflexology massage with RED de salud, el Colectivo de Medicina Maya, y Catalina Bucuzil in Guatemala 2006-2008.D


Logo by Nell Pierce:  www.nellpierceart.com

Logo by Nell Pierce: www.nellpierceart.com

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